Thinking of trying out a new look? If you’ve decided to leave your hair out or want to experience the wind running through your hair (in a cool way, of course), there are a few things you can do to make the process faster, easier and more productive. These tips are all you need to start rocking your hair full length.

  1. Fight the urge to cut it in the early stage: yes, you were the one who decided to grow it out so why would you cut it? The truth is, your hair is going to go through a weird phase where it grows out from a normal low cut. It’s going to look bushy and weird and people might wonder what is wrong there. You have to resist the temptation of cutting it. Instead, trim stray hairs that would make it appear rough. That way it would appear tame to some extent.
  1. Cut down on the shampoo: If your plan is to grow out beautiful, healthy looking hair, you have to get your shampoo routine straight. Shampoo can be drying which means it strips away the natural oils and moisture in the hair leaving it dry, dull looking and would lead to breakage. As a guy, you might not even be able to remember how many times you shampoo in a week, but it is important to keep track if you really want the healthy hair you are aiming for. Use shampoo two to three times a week at most. You can use conditioners more often.
  1. Avoid hair killing habits: they include-
  • Brushing your hair wet. This would lead to massive breakage and too many split ends to handle.
  • Rinsing your hair out with hot water. Just like the shampoo impact, hot water can be drying and would remove all the moisture and natural oils in your hair.
  • Using hand held hair dryers. Heat is very bad for the hair. As often as possible, let your hair air dry naturally.
  1. Start investing in good hair products: unlike short hair, long hair does not obey you. It mostly does what it wants and needs a lot of pampering and care to stay in place. You need to start buying hair products that would help your hair grow out well, and keep it healthy. Look for good grooming creams, serums or leave in conditioners. These are products that keep your hair moisturized, and also help to keep them in place. Your waxes and pastes won’t do you much good anymore.
  1. Be patient and always carry a hair band: except you possess some very impressive genes, you will soon find out that it’s not so easy to grow your hair out. It takes a lot of time, a lot of people asking “what’s going on with the hair?” and a lot of subtle hints from the women in your life (to cut it). However, you will finally get to the point where your hair starts bothering you; it gets in your eye and keeps sticking to your neck on hot, sweaty days. Try putting it up in a man bun. From here on, you can start to decide how you would wear your hair.