Heart Diseases, Cancer and Respiratory Malfunction Are Not Enough

There are numerous hazardous consequences of smoking, including the deterioration of the respiratory system, cancers and the heart problems. But still, if these diseases are not enough to convince a chain smoker to quit, then we have another big reason that will greatly affect their appearance. After some of the substantial experimentation, scientists have concluded that the smoking contributes as a major factor in hair loss. Chain smokers are more exposed to the hair loss than a non-smoker. Although, scientists are not sure to answer the question, does smoking cause hair loss. It is not a simple question to answer as there could be other factors that can play their part in this hair loss. They have gathered some samples in those experiments that lean towards the indication that smoking does lead to hair fall.

Let’s Contemplate on Cigarettes

Scientists have revealed that the chain smokers lose hairs due to the special type of toxin present in the cigarette. It also leads to the change of the hair color to gray. These dangerous toxins enter into the body and then damage the hair follicles and also the hormones. Hair follicles are the source of hair growth. They need a supply of oxygen and other nutrients along with some vitamins to properly do their job of hair growth. The chemicals and the toxins, present in the cigarette, acts as a constraint for the blood flow. According to the study published in the BMJ journal, there is a material relationship found between smoking and hair fall or loss. It was basically an epidemiological study in which around 600 male and female samples was taken. This study confirmed that the smoking leads to the graying of hair. The toxins not only affect the hairs but also damage other parts of the body as well.

How Smoking is bad for your hair

Apart from those follicles damages, Smoking also damages hairs through other means. It is a fact that rigorous smoking leads to the weak immune system. This deterioration leads to the invitation of the various other diseases that may cause the hair loss. Does smoking cause hair loss, Yes! but in an indirect way. Smokers have more probability to catch a disease than a non-smoker. Apart from the male pattern baldness, other hair loss types are recoverable.